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980mini Soft Tissue Laser Dental Diode Laser- 980Mini Dentistry

Product Description

980nm Laser Technology Better Meets Your Dental Needs

TR980-V5 with 980nm wavelength diode dental laser are the most researched wavelength used in soft tissue units; The unique 980nm laser wavelength technology optimally absorbed by melanin and hemoglobin. The 980nm wavelength has been shown to have a significant long-term bactericidal effect in periodontal pockets; scaling and root planing outcomes are enhanced. Finally, the patient is typically more comfortable; gingival healing is faster, more stable. 980nm diode laser  in dentistry are gaining importance as their spectrum of use in various dental treatment procedures are increasing. The advantages of lasers as compared to the conventional therapies as claimed by the doctors who use lasers in their practice are :Bloodless and sterile field, No or very less need of antibiotics as the surgeries are carried out without touching the concerned area,Wounds heal faster,Little or no anesthesia required,Less post operative discomfort,Makes treatment more predictable.Qualified and experienced visiting laser dental therapists perform operations at pooja dent care for the patients who require dental lasers for their treatment.

Product Advantages

*Soft Tissue Laser (Dental Diode Laser)

*Painless, no need for anesthesia

*Simple and efficient operation

*Time-saving, High precision

*Operation is safe to metal such as implant

*Less bleeding in the tissue

*Little side-effect on the surrounding tissue

*Low probability of cross infection with disinfection effect

*Faster postoperative tissue healing

*Slight discomfort after surgery with pain relief effect



Laser type Diode Laser Gallium-Aluminum-Arsenide GaAlAs
Laser Wavelength 980 nm
Fiber diameter 400um metal covered fiber
Output Power 30w
Working modes CW ,Pulse and single pulse
CW and Pulse Mode 0.05-1s
Delay 0.05-1s
Spot size 20-40mm adjustble
Voltage 100-240V, 50/60HZ
Size 26.5*29*29cm
Weight 6.4kg

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